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Quickmap uses no cookies.

personal data

Quickmap does not store personal data other than in email clients. Quickmap will never pass on your emails or names and contact details to third parties. Neither will Quickmap put your name on a database for future intentions for Quickmap's own marketing.

deep linking

You are welcome to deep link.

Hyperlinks can be made from any web site to any page, image or animation provided there is no modification, cropping, additions or masking. Quickmap aims to keep the page addresses constant.
Holding any Quickmap work on your own server is not permitted and breaks the spirit of open distribution of the link.

third party material

Quickmap cannot accept any liability for the new conjunction of Quickmap material with third party material.

downloading image data

Images can be only be stored electronically for personal viewing and printing. All images are covered by copyright and multiple reproduction by any means is prohibited.

time sensitive

Quickmap tries to keep information up-to-date.

However, all maps start to go out of date as soon as they are published so please do not rely on them without making further checks.


All Quickmap maps are based on original survey work and checked with published service information.


All Quickmap images are provided "as is" and all risks remain with the user.

Therefore, Quickmap Limited cannot accept any liability for service changes, errors or omissions for any of the maps, image links or text passages and 'demonstrator' maps can carry information which is unchecked.

trade marks

The Quickmap logo is registered as an EU community trademark.

The Double Arrow logotype is the registered trade mark in the name of The Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and the Regions and The roundel logotype is the registered trade mark of London Transport.

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