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Ken said...

On 2nd July 1999 in Parliament Square Ken Livingstone MP launched Quickmap's first product London by Bus.

Ken holding quickmap

"I think it is delightful, really good!", Ken enthuses, pointing out that the alternatives "are so totally confusing, almost no one ever tries to use them."

In addition Ken said " I only know a few routes and like most people I don't know whats really available with the bus system." This new map will counter this situation as it "is sufficiently clear that you can plot a route through London" , or, "if you keep it in your pocket, you can work your way around" problems on the tube, ken observes.

Ken enthuses about Quickmap

Question and answer session with Ken Livingstone.

Q: What do you think of Quickmap?

A: Quickmap is sufficiently clear that you can plot a route through London. If you are using it over a period of time you can pick out a lot more information than any of us has at the moment.

Q: Would people use alternative routes with a Quickmap?

A: I think it is the sort of thing that you could sit down and sort out routes that you did not know existed.The combination of colours actually makes that work quite well. It also puts it in just the right size and context this is where the vast bulk of all journeys go. Once you get outside this area there are so many fewer routes that people are more likely to be aware of them.

Q: Do you think tourists will use it?

A: Tourists are automatically attracted to the tube then after a few days they start to loose enthusiasm for the tube due to the conditions. If you could get them onto buses they could go much cheaper using this new map than paying for those incredibly expensive tourist buses

Q: What is appealing about travelling by tube?

I don't think there is much appealing about travelling by tube. Visitors come to it because it is acknowledged as the first tube system in the world. If you can, it is always much better to get people travelling around on the buses - you are above ground you can see around the sights.

Q: If a tube route goes down ....

A: You can work your way round it, if you know your route and Quickmap does this and is just the right size - you can keep it in your pocket!