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Winner of The London Transport Award 2012 for Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing

Runners-up: Transport for London (Countdown), Transport for London with Met and Transport Police (Safe Travel for All), London Underground (Upgrade Plan), Serco Docklands (Ambassadors and Accessibility Trips), Serco Docklands (Every Journey Matters), AEG Europe (The O2 Keeping Cabbies Coming) and Southern Railway (Railway for All).

Extract from April 2012 edition of Transport Times



London has been 'shaped' by the Tube map since the 1930's. But the old radial underground routes have been replaced at the Surface by a polycentric urban pattern where everywhere is a place in its own right and connected to its neighbours in the form of a web. The Surface modes of bus and walking and by bike now require The London Surface Diagram to complement the London Underground Diagram. Ideally, the Surface Diagram should be positioned alongside the Underground Map at station entrances and concourses to show the alternatives. The Surface Diagram works for Buses and Bus Routes as well as Walking and Cycling. This Diagram will change the way you use London!


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